Why Would You Let Anyone Else Photograph Your Home?

The GTA is a competitive market with loads of agents vying for the opportunity to represent listings. So why not choose an agent who clearly cares about really MARKETING your property instead of just “listing” it on MLS.

Here is a brand new November listing in a beautiful area of Richmond Hill. This virtual tour is completely representative of the quality of work we do for EVERY one of the dozens of homes we professionally and thoroughly photograph every week.

Look at how sharp, wide and straight our photography is.    Look how quickly it loads and how crisp it displays.    Our 360 panoramas actually flow smooth and aren’t distorted.   We’re the company that every other so-called “house photography service” imitates and has meetings about.

This is your listing.   Do you want it marketed with a fast-food hamburger or a gourmet AAA grass-fed steak?   (HINT:  One choice will give you diabetes).

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