Welcome to 2012 and Beautiful Virtual Tours

Why have we been so busy this past Christmas 2011 season….   when activity in the GTA real estate market is traditionally slow?    Because DigitalProperties.ca is a trusted expert in the field of real estate and architectural photography… and 360 virtual tours!    With the exception of the 24th-26th, we photographed homes literally *every day* of December… including New Year’s Eve.

We love our company, we love our work and we love serving every sector of the market including the vast array of Realtors, developers and private builders to showcase interiors at a fraction of the cost of other architectural photographers.   We also BLOW AWAY the fast-food-chain style of budget virtual tour and photo companies running around setting new low standards.

Our job is to EXCITE and ENTICE viewers online.      It’s not about just “getting a wide shot of the kitchen”.    It’s about photographing it at all angles.   Making it look natural.    Making it look the best it possibly can.   We want to HELP YOU SELL.

Take a look at this $1.9 million gorgeous 5 acre estate home north of the GTA we photographed mid-December.  Despite the cold of winter, we still made every effort to show you every room and let you evaluate this awesome property from the comfort of your chair.


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