DigitalProperties.ca produces unbelievably high-quality 360 virtual tours and high-resolution photography for real estate, condos, and show homes.

The company was originally founded in Vancouver, BC to fill a void that existed in real estate marketing… truly showing what the interior of a home looks like at an unparalleled level of expertise.

With a foundation in creating virtual tours for major hotel chains on leading travel booking websites, DigitalProperties.ca has brought a quality of product originally reserved for commercial venues and has now applied it to the mass residential real estate market.

Why pay another company more for lesser quality work? Order now and experience the highest quality imagery that the Internet has to offer.

Showcase your property… provide your client with cutting-edge commercial quality photography and immersive 360 panoramas… contact us now!

DigitalProperties.ca – Bryan Groulx

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DigitalProperties.ca offers both photographic and video recording services whereby individual Realtors® and/or home-owners contract DigitalProperties.ca to digitally visualize the interiors and exteriors of marketed real estate offerings.  DigitalProperties.ca publicly publishes these completed virtual tour links on the Internet for targeted public consumption, which is understood to be at the request and intention of the client.

DigitalProperties.ca publishes the multimedia weblink online indefinitely until which time either the original client or the new owner of the property requests that the link is to be permanently removed.

Due to the volume of projects produced by DigitalProperties.ca it is not reasonably feasible or  possible for this company to actively seek to track which multimedia weblinks should be removed.

It is the sole responsibility of the original client or the new property owner to make a direct request that the multimedia weblink be removed.   At which time a confirmed legitimate request is received, DigitalProperties.ca will remove the published works in a timely manner.

DigitalProperties.ca assumes absolutely no responsibility in any form whatsoever as a result of the online publication of the aforementioned multimedia productions nor for any residual search-engine indexing (ie: Google.com) as a result of the multimedia publication.


Any and all works produced by Bryan Groulx and/or DigitalProperties.ca is covered under Canadian and US copyright law.    Bryan Groulx and/or DigitalProperties.ca retains 100% of all ownership, distribution and reproduction rights to any works created.   Bryan Groulx and/or DigitalProperties.ca may re-post, re-use or re-sell any works created under copyright law.

In plain language… no… the real estate agent, buyer, seller or any other entity does not own the work created by DigitalProperties.ca nor do they have any ownership, distribution claims or resale rights of the work hired and paid for creation.